THCO Acetate”, THCO is an analog of that works a bit differently in our bodies. Scientists identified this cannabinoid over 50 years ago but it has only become popular now as the delta 8 market has ballooned.

THCO is an acetylated form of THC that activates after it’s processed through your digestive system. It is only available in “synthetic” forms and cannot be bred in hemp.

THCO is an acetate ester of THC, that means it has gone through a process called acetylation. In most substances, acetylation causes a huge potency increase, in THC, potency is increased around 3 times since cannabinoids already bond with fats extremely well.

Whether it’s written as 300% or 3x, there’s a general agreement that THCO offers around triple the potency of THC. There’s no actual research to back up this position, however, aside from Army Chemical Corps experiments from the ‘70s that were done on canines.

THCO Acetate overview

  • Analog of delta 9 THC
  • 3x as potent as delta 9
  • Effects kicks in after about an hour
  • Developed originally in US Army drug warfare experiments
  • Sold online as a “legal” alternative to delta 9

How is THCO different?

In addition to having a different chemical structure, THCO also behaves differently from usual THC. This cannabinoid activates after being processed by the liver since it acts as a prodrug in the body.

No matter which way you take THCO, in most cases you will not experience its effects for around an hour.

Is THCO synthetic?

Yes, THCO is a synthetic cannabinoid as opposed to cannabinoids like delta 9 THC and that are naturally derived. That doesn’t mean all THCO is dangerous, it just puts this cannabinoid in a separate class.

As synthetic substances go, THCO is only lightly synthesized. Acetylation is not a very complicated drug synthesis, it doesn’t involve common dangerous substances often included in the formulation of other synthetic drugs.

What is THCO used for?

People use THCO for the same things they use THC for. These cannabinoids offer the same types of effects. Due to its protected status, THCO is mainly sold as an alternative form of THC. The process of turning THC into THCO is very simple and , and manufacturers have started offering THCO products to the public.

Is THCO legal?

The only form of THC named under the Controlled Substances Act is delta 9, leading to a booming economy of delta 8 THC products. Technically protected under the 2018 Farm Bill’s definition of industrial hemp, alternative forms of THC typically are not considered illegal drugs in their natural forms.

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